Urban Legends


February 6, 2006

Written by

Gary Scott Thompson

Directed by

David Solomon

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An urban legend becomes true when Danny finds a guest in an ice filled bathtub missing a kidney. To avoid bad press the lawyers want to pay him for his silence, but Danny and Mike has other plans and starts to investigate a possible scam. Ed helps Sam treat a whale who suffers from really sweaty hands and is starting to scare the other guests away. Jimmie Johnson comes over to the Montecito to be the final judge of a car convention, in which Delinda is participating.

Plot Edit

Mary brings Jimmie Johnson to the Montecito to be the final judge in a carshow they're hosting, where Delinda is participating with her own tweaked car.
Danny gets a call forcing him to enter a hotel room, only to find the bathroom mirror having "call 911" written in lipstick and a man passed out in the bathtub filled of ice, with a scar on his stomach...just like the urban legend, he appears to miss a kidney.
To avoid bad press, Ed is prepared to pay the victim for his silence. Meanwhile, Danny and Mike investigate further to find possible connections between the victim and the villain for a possible scam.

Sam finally gets the only 5-star whale from J.W.'s black book to come to the Montecito, but he would only deal with Ed. Sam thus has to teach Ed about casino hosting, so Ed can deal with the whale's problem with extremely sweaty hands.The whale is starting to cause trouble when he's sweating all over chips, cards and even the buffet. Ed wants to kick him out, but since he loses 200 thousand each hour, Sam wants him to stay. There's only one sollution to the problem however, he cannot play near the other guests as they're disgusted.

Cast Edit

Starring Edit

Guest Starring Edit

  • Anna Pheil as Erika
  • ikki Klieman as Kathy Berson'

Co-Starring Edit

  • Erica Shaffer as Dr. Kimberly Wells
  • Joe Manganiello as Carson Stuart
  • Jimmie Johnson as Himself

Goof Edit

  • In the starting scene, when Mary is getting out of the race car, there is no ring on her right hand, but when she's taking off her helmet, the ring is clearly seen on her right middle finger.

Music Edit

"Cold Hard Bitch" by Jet
"The Fallen" by Franz Ferdinand
"Pony" by Ginuwine

"Sweaty Palms" by James Bladon