Mike Cannon


Mike Cannon


Las Vegas, Nevada


Ex-Montecito Valet, The Montecito Head of Security


MIT, The Montecito



First Appearance


Portrayed by

James LeSure


Piper Nielsen (Married)
Vonice (Aunt)

Mike Cannon is an engineer (with both undergraduate and graduate degrees from MIT in Mechanical Engineering) who worked as head valet for the first season, but was officially recruited by Ed Deline to the security department to help during Danny's military absence. He stayed on as security personnel despite being paid less than his job as a valet and cured his claustrophobia at the end of Season 1. Originally in the pilot episode, Mike had a wife and daughter; this plot line was seemingly abandoned. Mike and Nessa became close in Season 2, until Nessa left to be with her dad and sister without saying goodbye. Mike and Danny are best friends. In Season 5, when Danny accepts the job as the President of Operations for the Casino, Mike is promoted to Head of Security and Surveillance. Mike and Piper were recently married. Whenever approaching a beautiful girl, he first uses breath spray.

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