Lyle & Substance


March 10, 2006

Written by

Gardner Stern

Directed by

Felix Enriquez Alcalá

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A chip thief who was caught by Mike and Danny claims that he met somebody who wants to blow up the Montecito. Wolfgang Puck and Gunther are having a cook-off. Sam hears about a masseur at the Montecito who offers "special treatments".

Plot Edit

A guest was given a big line of credit but cashed it all out and disappered afterwards, so Mike sends out flyers, but he seems to be lost as no-one finds him on the Montecito grounds. Lyle Nubbin, a friend of Mike's cousin, comes to Vegas to try to get to work at the Montecito. Mike however sees other use of him after having worked undercover at a burger restaurant.

Danny finds a chip stealer, who appears to have important information valuable for the Montecito. Apparently he was told by another guest that he overheard some guy claiming to blow up the Montecito. Ed calls in the FBI to help out. Gunther complains about no publicity, so Delinda sets up a cooking contest between Gunther and Wolfgang Puck. In lack of celebrity judges, Delinda asks Ed to help out as the final judge. Unfortunately the contest doesn't end very well.

Mary finds out that a male masseuse takes liberties during massage, and sends in Sam undercover to find out if it's true. Sam however, needs to send in another one to receive the "massage", and when Monica's friend Norma is at the casino, she sees a sollution.

Cast Edit

Starring Edit

Guest Starring Edit

  • Mitch Longley as Mitch
  • Harry Groener as Gunther
  • Wolfgang Puck as Himself

Co-Starring Edit

  • Whang Ing-Sik as Polly
  • Charo as Herself
  • Donny Osmond as Himself
  • Joel McKinnon Miller as Lyle Nubbin
  • Steve Ryan as Milton Mazerofski
  • Branden Williams as Justin Frank
  • Chaney Kley as Special Agent Ramstack
  • Sarah Ann Morris as Norma Pitts
  • Navid Negahban as Farouk Naeem
  • Brody Hutzler as Travis

Trivia Edit

  • When Danny is talking to the manager at Bronco Burger the manager's position changes from leaning on the table to relaxing back in the chair and back again.

Music Edit

"Your Bird" by James Bladon
"Love You" by James Bladon

"Boys Will Be Boys" by The Ordinary Boys