Coyote Ugly


March 3, 2006

Written by

Kim Newton

Directed by

Jeffrey W. Woolnough

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Monica's friend Norma finds a finger in the Montecito's buffet bounty. She doesn't want to sue, but she does want Danny. Meanwhile, Ed and Danny investigate the appearance of the digit; and Sam runs afoul of a tough customer.

Plot Edit

Sam treats a whale who seems to not like her at all. Starting to get on her nerves when she can't find out why, she freaks out and finally finds what makes the whale go. Delinda is called in to help treating her new whale accordingly.Delinda starts a buffet, but it gets a bad start when Norma, Monica's old friend, find a finger in her food. Following the kidney problem earlier, Montecito is in really big trouble.

Mike investigates the finger business and tries to find out who it belonged to and how it ended up in the buffet only to find that a kidnapping is behind it all.Danny takes care of Norma to make her Vegas dream come true, in order to avoid her suing the Montecito. He ends up having to do stuff he really didn't plan to do.

Cast Edit

Starring Edit

Guest Starring Edit

  • Anna Pheil as Erika
  • Rikki Klieman as Kathy Berson
  • Mitch Longley as Mitch

Co-Starring Edit

  • Vanessa Motta as Howie Fan #2
  • Norm Clarke as Himself
  • Adam Paul as Howard
  • Heath Gunn as Other Guest
  • David Jean-Thomas as Peter the Dealer
  • Del Zamora as Coyote #1
  • Wells Rosales as Miguel Hurtado
  • Craig Gellis as Coyote #2
  • David Castellani as Mr. Landerhoffen
  • Ed Begley Jr. as Oliver Grimaldi
  • Elaine Kagan as Myra Schlike
  • Mandy McMillian as Mrs. Landerhoffen
  • John Hemphill as Detective Sarnat
  • Eddie Goines as Uni
  • Brandon Schiffman as Howie Fan #1
  • Howie Mandel as Himself
  • Wayne Newton as Himself
  • Jaime Pressly as Kerri Kowalski
  • Rebeka Montoya as Maria Hurtado
  • Emmanuel Todorov as Chef Lester
  • Sarah Ann Morris as Norma Pitts

Trivia Edit

  • The pin to Ed's private safe in his office is 1159.
  • A picture of Nessa with Delinda can be seen on Ed's desk in a couple of shots while Ed and Mike are talking.
  • Guest stars Howie Mandel and Ed Begley Jr. were co-stars on the 80s NBC hospital comedy/drama St. Elsewhere.
  • Howie Mandel, host of the gameshow Deal or No Deal which aired prior to the original airing of this episode, filmed a bridge in which he 'left' the DoND set and 'arrived' at the Montecito.

Music Edit

"Rubberneckin'" by Elvis feat. Paul Oakenfold

"Cassanova" by James Bladon