Lasvegas pg00

From Left to Right: Mike Cannon, Mary Connell, Delinda Deline, Ed Deline, Danny McCoy, Nessa Holt, & Samantha Jane Marquez

Main Characters:
Recurring Characters:

  • Piper Nielsen (2007-2008; Season 5) played by Camille Guaty
  • Jillian Deline played by Cheryl Ladd
  • Polly (2005-2008; Seasons 2-5) played by Suzanne Whang
  • Mitch played by Mitch Longley
  • Kathy Berson (2005-2008; Seasons 2-5) played by Rikki Klieman
  • Monica Mancuso (2005; Season 3) played by Lara Flynn Boyle
  • Casey Manning (2004-2007; Seasons 2-4) played by Dean Cain
  • Luis Perez (2003-2005; Seasons 1 & 2) played by Guy Ecker
  • Gunther (2004-2006; Seasons 2-3) played by Harry Groener
  • Erika (2006-2007; Seasons 3 & 4) played by Anna Pheil
  • Sarasvati Kumar (2004-2006; Seasons 2 & 3) played by Lakshmi Manchu
Celebrity Appearances:

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