Bait and Switch


January 2, 2006

Written by

Tiffany Anderson & Adrienne Carter

Directed by

David Straiton

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Real diamonds get stolen from the pool at Montecito when Lil' Flip is shooting a music video. Metro cannot be called in due to the jeweler's special request, and investigating gets harder. A guy plays suspiciously good at the craps table, claiming to have a gift to be able to win when he wants. Ed and Mike want to get to the bottom of his true gift. Mike appears to be a stripper with quite a package, if one is to believe the flyers that are floating around at the casino.

Plot Edit

Danny tells a couple to turn down their music when they're filming their anniversary movie, while having sex on the hotel room with the music really loud. The couple's camera might have picked up more on the video than intended though. Lil' Flip is shooting a music video at the pool outside Montecito featuring real diamonds, when they suddenly disappear and gets replaced by fake ones. Frisking and x-raying everyone is the first solution, but the diamonds seem better hidden than that.
Delinda too is in the music video, and takes a great liking when Danny has to interrogate everyone, including her. The hunt for the real diamonds gets harder when the jeweler lending them don't want to call in Metro for uncertain reasons. Flyers of a stripper called "Hot Chocolate", looking exactly like Mike is spread around the casino. Mike tries to explain that it isn't him, but everyone just think that he is modest due to the picture showing quite a big package.

Not wanting to be over-credited, Mike decides to show Mary, Sam and Delinda that he isn't Hot Chocolate. Ed and Mike investigates a craps player who wins on will, or so he claims. His ability to hit 10's is suspiciously good, so Ed offers to make a promotion video of him winning at will, trying to catch him in action. For once the Eye in the Sky isn't enough, and Mike re-invents surveillance on a craps table.

Cast Edit

Starring Edit

Guest Starring Edit

  • Mitch Longley as Mitch

Co-Starring Edit

  • Willie Garson as Pete Natelson
  • Lil' Flip as Himself
  • Noel Guglielmi as Victor Casteos
  • Dominic Keating as Anthony Denvy
  • James LeSure as "Hot Chocolate"
  • Nichole Hiltz as Anniversary Girl
  • William Gregory Lee as Anniversary Boy

Trivia Edit

  • James Lesure (Mike Cannon) has a dual role in this episode, as a male stripper named "Hot Chocolate".

Music Edit

"What It Do" by Lil' Flip
"You'z A Trick" by Lil' Flip
"Veronique" by James Bladon